Interview Tips

Going on an Interview, What to Ask, What to Know Before you Go

Follow these rules for a successful Interview:

1.  Try imagining what the interview may be like.  Write down questions you think the interviewer may ask and practice answering those questions.  Most likely they may ask about your current job and your current job responsibilities.  They may ask why you left your last job if you are not currently employed.  Be honest, but do not whine if you were fired or laid off. Do not rant about your former boss, co-employees and that it was not your fault.  Show the interviewer that you are ready to move on with a new opportunity.  Be focused, positive and upbeat about your new future and that you are eager to move forward.   

2.  Research the company you are interviewing with beforehand.  Learn the size, locations, mission, products offered, expansion plans.  Visit their website. Read as much about the company as possible.  Visit, , do a Yahoo and Google search by company name.  Read the latest news on the company.

3.  Look professional.  Get your interview clothes cleaned and pressed.  You are marketing yourself to the hiring recruiter, look your best.

4.  Make good quality copies of your resumeMake sure there are absolutely no typos in your resume.  Your email address (not current work email) and phone number (not current work phone number) should be up to date on your resume.

5.  Do not be arrogant or rude in your interview, you are selling yourself in a short time.  Be on your best behavior.  Answer the questions asked.  However, compile a list of questions the day before that you would like to ask the interviewer about the company based on the research you have done.  This may include:

  -What is a common career path at the company for someone with this job title?

  -What are the most important skills for the job?

  -What do you think gives the company an edge over its competitors? 

6.  Do not ask who else is applying for the job.  The recruiter is not there to coach you or provide you with company information about who else they are interviewing.  

7.  Do not go on one interview, think you got the job and stop interviewing at other companies.  You are marketing yourself, like a company markets a product.  Do not put all your eggs in one basket.  Even if you feel the interview went well, which it may have, do not STOP interviewing at other companies.  It is not really your job until the first day you show up for work at the new company, anything can happen from the day you interview until the day you start the job.  So continue sending out your resume, contacting recruiters, marketing your career through associations, and networking within your industry.  On average it takes 1 month of job searching for every $10,000 that you would like to earn.  So if you want a $60,000 per year job it could take up to 6 months to find that job.  Sure you can find a job sooner but do not get discouraged if it takes some time.  Be persistent, creative, flexible and professional and you will find a job.  Because...

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